We thought it was important that we provided you with some FAQ’s. Important questions you need to have answers to.

 I’m planning to renovate my bathroom what are some tips?

 Some general tips for renovating your bathroom.

What is your budget?

Its important that you get and understanding of the overall costs associated with a bathroom renovation. Wanting to do a renovation yourself to save money comes at a risk especially if you don’t have the necessary skill set. Several key trades are required.

Demolition – commonly known as Gutting.

Making sure you have identified all the plumbing pipes and electrical wiring. Damaging these adds additional costs to your renovation when it comes to fixing.

Asbestos- checking off on knowing if your bathroom or home were built with asbestos. Disposing of this the correct way under the law is vitally important.

Disposing of rubbish at an appropriate local dump that includes, glass, metal, concrete, plastic etc.

Make sure you have plenty of sheets to cover any carpets, furniture and other things in and around the area you are renovating to protect them from dust and damage.

  • Layout and design of your bathroom.
  • Plumbing – Key tradesman
  • Electrical – Key tradesman
  • Tiling – Key tradesman or DIY
  • Water proofing. – You can do this yourself but can you give a warranty to your work?.


Do you want a simple budget makeover?

Educating yourself on what is involved is the first step. Researching, getting quotes, identifying your own skill set as to whether you can do it. Creating a budget. There are trade-offs to doing it yourself on a cheap budget if you don’t have the skills. Getting friends to do things can also put a strain on your friendship if something goes wrong.

A budget to work on for a professional tradesman to do your bathroom makeover is approximately $10,000. A budget if you do the renovation may be around $5,000. It may be more prudent to set up a plan to save towards the professional builder doing your bathroom renovation.


Do you want someone to project manage the bathroom renovations?

Choosing the right builder or plumber to handle your bathroom or en-suite renovation provides the difference between you doing it and taking possibly months or having the job done inside 2 weeks in most cases. Engaging the appropriately qualified person also give you piece of mind in the event a leak happen. This will generally be covered under the builders license and insurance.


How to choose the colors?

When you start researching think about the colors you want. White, grey and beige colors always make a bathroom stand out.


What tiles should I be using?

There are a number of tiles and design to select and choose from such as Grey washed oak or Gloss white. Look for contemporary designs First find out what the square meters of your bathroom is for the wall area you want covered and then the floor area


What tap wear should I use?

A number of people are loving the Chrome black tap wear and shower heads. These look great with contrasting white baths. Of course, you can select any of the normal shiny chrome shower-heads.


Should I move my plumbing fixtures?

You may have great ideas on wanting to move the bath and toilet around. Talk with the builder/plumber when they come out as to whether this is cost effective. If they have to move the plumbing the costs will increase substantially due to the work involved and whether the piping is under the concrete. They will come up with the best solutions for you within the budget you’ve selected for your bathroom renovation.


I have an En-suite as well?

Your En-suite should generally match the coloring and design of your main bathroom, creating continuity in your home and this will add additional value as well. However you may want a completely different feel in you en-suite bathroom especially if it for the children. You might want to be more creative with tiling.

How many bathroom quotes should I get?

The general rule of thumb is to get up to 3 quotes. Bear in mind when you do call or contact a builder/plumber they can be out doing 10 quotes a week if they are a good bathroom renovator, like us. That is half hour for each site visit. Plus any travel time. They should be able to get the quote back to you within a week in most cases.


The quote is higher than I was expecting what should I do?

There are variations that can be adjusted on your bathroom renovation to suit your budget. If you like a particular builder don’t be afraid to call them and talk more with them.


My Quote doesn’t have QBCC license number

We would advise against anyone who doesn’t provide their QBCC license number. If this is not presented on their Invoice then avoid them. This is your safe guard, that gives you somewhere to report to if anything goes wrong and the builder doesn’t fix any issues.


How long does a bathroom renovation take?

Generally allow 2 weeks in time from start to finish. There may be some delays in timing with the shower screen being installed and final fitoff. Most of our bathrooms are completed within the 2 weeks. Some earlier.

I’m not sure if I have all the skills.

We work on a principle “if in doubt don’t”. Wait that little bit longer and save the money to have a professional do your bathroom renovation or set up a budget plan with us or your bank.


Why is your price so good?

We set ourselves up in the market to provide a top quality service at an affordable price.. We’ve seen cheap bathrooms and had to go back and repair them for the clients, likewise we have done bathroom renovations for clients who were quoted double what we quoted. Due to the number of bathrooms we do now we can get good pricing on all our products which we pass on to you. We also don’t run a mobile showroom, which allows us to keep our costs down.


I want to choose my own tiles.

We work with our clients. If you have already selected tiles from another supplier that is fine.we do have a good range and provide quality vanities, showers, tap-wear etc. We will sit down with you and work it all out.


DO you provide No obligation Quotes?

We have a mobile service where we book in a time with you and come and visit your home/business.

This is a Free no obligation quote.

Our friends referred us to you as they told us you were very quick in booking in site visits.

That is great. Yes we pride ourselves in trying to make sure we are in contact with you with 12 hours or less. Occasionally this may vary.


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